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Polin Production Facilities Are Like GRP Composites Academy


The Composites Magazine visited Polin facilites this month. We wanted to share the article that they have published in their magazine with you…

"We had the chance to visit the production facility of Polin Waterparks and Pool Sytems who had celebrated its 30th year in this sector at Gebze. Polin is the leading producer of waterslides in Europe. During our visit, we had the chance of seeing almost all GRP-composite production methods in one Company. More importantly, we got excited with Polin’s wide and innovative range of product portfolio and their vision in composites sector.

While touring around the production area, you may feel yourself in an academy whose major is in GRP-composites. We do not know any other Company at least in Turkey that is applying so many different methods successfully at the same time. Though Polin is mostly using the RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technology nowadays, you can easily have the chance to see the products manufactured with open mould technologies like hand lay up and spray up and also vacuum infusion in one day and you may witness the R&D studies on pultrusion production method at the same time.

While talking about R&D, I must say that during one’s Polin visit, one can easily determine the importance that Polin gives to R&D. What is most exciting is not only some serious works that are going on the area of raw materials like polyester and gel coat or the mechanical or chemical tests conducted for finished products or the tooling systems tests or the ways that they use to decide on the most appropriate release agent but their effort for the superior production facility is worth mentioning. The air conditioning system that they are using in the spray up section and the system collecting the wastes are good examples for the projects that they realized with the team work of project and production team of the Company. They found the best optimum solution their selves.

Another thing that you will immediately observe at Polin is the strong technical team consisting of professional technicians and engineers dedicated to waterslide industry. This Project team has the biggest share in number in their white collar team that they call this Group as "China Town." J However the strength of Polin who is realizing the most successful waterpark projects all over the World originates from this team. The biggest waterpark of Europe, the biggest waterpark of Africa, the longest waterslide of Europe, World’s largest RTM’d waterslide part and so many other waterpark projects in every continent of the World are first designed and engineered by Polin’s design and project team...

The ones who had visited Polin before know that it is something usual to come up with Polin clients from all over the World in the corridors. During our visit, there was a crowded Group of investors from Korea and China. Polin is so happy and proud to welcome their clients from all over the World in Turkey. "Most of our meetings are pre-scheduled, decided months ago but sometimes we are both surprised and happy to welcome clients who appear at Polin headquarters without any prior notice and saying that they are here to buy our slides." says Baris Pakis, the Vice President of the Company.

Polin had produced GRP-composite products to the construction sector at the first years of its establishment. The following years Polin moved its production to a wide range of sectors like agriculture, automative, chemistry, marine and tourism. Innovation and quality has always been at the heart of Polin’s production and service and therefore in a short period of time Polin has proved itself as one of the most important players in the sector. From 1990s on, the demand for Polin slides has increased tremendously. As a result, Polin has decided to allocate its power mostly to the waterpark industry.

However, Polin has faced an enormous demand from his partners, suppliers and old customers to re-start the production of the other composite products other than the waterslides. This demand has enabled Polin to take an important decision and in 5 years time Polin will take an active role in GRP-composites product manufacturing other than the waterslides. First, Polin and Gunsu Company has established a new company, FIPOL in Antalya Industrial Zone. FIPOL is planned to be the largest GRP production center of Europe with 52,000sqm area. The first stage is completed and FIPOL started production with complete 6000 sqm indoor production area and 2000 sqm office building.

There will be mainly four groups of production at FIPOL, namely sand filters, fiberglass pools, motor boats and other fiberglass applications. Filter and fiberglass pool manufacturing had already started in Antalya whereas the boat production will start by early 2008.

Polin envisages a continuously increasing demand for its products. On the other hand, FIPOL will be producing products that will require a huge usage area both in terms of production and stock rooms. Therefore with the current capacity, it does not allow Polin to work on some other sectors. This envision had made Polin look for another solution and finally Polin decided to start production at their third facility which will be at Gebkim at Gebze, located on a 25000 sqm area. I guess there is no need to say that Polin’s innovative and dedicative staff have already started to work on new ideas and ways to avoid any constraint that they may face in their production and stock areas till this 4th facility is put into use."

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