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Mediterranean: A Polin Lake


The sincerity of the people of the countries, which take place around Mediterranean, is another important factor in Mediterranean 's being as if a Polin Lake and Polin's realization of so many projects successfully in almost all the countries at Mediterranean coast. However, we think that the most important factor is the importance Polin attributes to this region.

This special importance results from the activity in trade and trade volume in the region. Since so many countries, which have an important place in world tourism and a developing tourism sector, take place on the same geography, the competition between them as well as their inner competition increases speedily. This competition motivates the companies, which serve for the tourism in the region, to improve and develop themselves continuously.

With its representative in Italy, Polin realized more than 30 projects in this country and developed the longest tube slide of Italy with a length of 165 m 4 years ago; so Polin is highly appreciated in this country. This year, Polin has increased its targets and is realizing the longest slide of Europe at a length of exactly 290 m starting from a height of 25 m. The project, which will be realized in Rossano, south of Italy, has already been published in the sectoral magazines.

After the Gölcük earthquake experienced 5 years ago, the market share in Greece reached to 70% as a result of both the political and commercial closeness with this country. Especially in 2003 and 2004, Polin has realized so many investments in Greece for the Olympic games to be hosted by Greece; in addition to this Polin is about to complete the preparation of the establishment of a company together. In recent days, the final details have been specified at the meetings held in İstanbul; and it is expected to establish the company in April 2004.

Realization of 3 waterpark projects in Turkey by a Spanish Company, was an enough reason to put Spain among the targeted countries. It did not take Polin to achieve its target too long. Only in the previous 4 years, Polin realized at least one project in all the tourism cities and regions of Spain in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca, Canary Islands, La Coruna, Haro, Alicante, Cartaya and Bonalba), which are widely known all around the world.

Having realized so many successful projects in Spain and Italy with the representatives of these countries, Polin kept France, which is a tourism giant, in mind and achieved so many projects with the French representatives.

Polin has established so many complexes in Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, which are disintegrated from Former Yugoslavia; and it seems that Polin will continue its South European tour at the same speed.

While these were experienced in South of Europe, in the northern coasts of Mediterranean, Polin also worked in North Africa, in southern coasts of Mediterranean and it significantly contributed for the developing tourism of the countries of the region as if causing the admiration of the tourism giants at the opposite coast of the Mediterranean .

In recent 2 years, Polin realized several projects in Algeria and this year Polin is putting its signature under various projects in Morocco and Egypt.

One of these projects; the Titanic Project, which will be constructed in Hurghada, Egypt, is a very good example to show how superior Polin is to its rivals. Likewise, the 17 waterslides taking place in this region consist of different types of slides. Kids Animation Articles for the children consist of 10 different types. Thus, it is addressed to all tastes and excitements; and it is also a good example to demonstrate wide product range of Polin. It will be an important factor in the success of the project that there is a wave pool and a rafting stream completing the waterpark apart from the waterslides and pools in the above mentioned complex. Having realized so many projects in Egypt, Polin will receive further appreciation with this project too.

Widely known both in the southern and in the northern coasts of the Mediterranean, Polin realized so many projects in the inner parts: that is in the islands of Mediterranean . Mallorca Islands of Spain, mainly Crete, Rhodes and many other islands of Greece and the North Cyprus Turkish Republic are a few examples. On the other hand, Polin also carried out so many projects in Israel, Syria and Jordan in Eastern Mediterranean . In other words, as it was mentioned at the beginning, it will not be an exaggeration to call Mediterranean as a Polin Lake.

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