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Latest Technology Waterslides at 'Aquafantasy Waterpark, Izmir,Turkey'


(Istanbul, Turkey), (06 August 2010) - Aquafantasy Waterpark (Izmir, Turkey) a part of Aqua Fantasy Hotel and Spa built on a 45 acre land, located in Selcuk ancient city, along the Aegean coast, celebrated its 10th year by adding two unique water rides designed, manufactured and installed by Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems (Kocaeli, Turkey). The slides are L-RTM (Light-Resin Transfer Molding) manufactured "Family Rafting Slide" and a "Wave Slide" that belongs to the "Extreme Slide Series" of Polin which are different than the other slide series in terms of their distinctive design and their ride path.

Polin Waterparks and Pool Systems declares in own responsibility that "Family Rafting Slide" which was installed in Aquafantasy WaterPark in May 2010; and of which all design, engineering, production and installation tasks are provided by Polin, is the "longest L-RTM manufactured family slide" in the World with its 222 meters length.

Family Rafting Slide makes it possible to share the entertainment and excitement together with the family and friends. Since waterpark experience is a family type of entertainment, family slides group is of crucial importance and a great addition with their being high capacity rides. One can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a whole family in 2-4 passenger circular inflatable rafts. The slide path is very exciting. Thanks to different slope angels, it offers a more flexible design configuration. A conveyor system is adapted at Aquafantasy Waterpark to launch the rafts. In addition to all, RTM manufactured family slides offer more since they add value to the general appereance of the park with its smooth and perfectly shiny finish on both sides and its newly designed forms. RTM manufactured family slides are obviously the most aesthetic family slides of the industry.

The second ride that is added to the park is "Wave Slide". Wave Slide is one of the Polin's uphill rides. It is a high-speed ride that offer screams, adrenaline and fun. Wave Slide has a steep entry part on to the slide surface which provides riders with the thrill of "free falling". Riders first experience a steep/big drop down and then they are propelled uphill vertically. Then they experience another unforgettable path this time a reverse path taking them back and forth and tubes stop on down the waterslide. Engineered for maximum safety, "Wave Slide" at Aquafantasy delivers the highest level of ride performance. This ride is a breathtaking experience and it provides fun for all the guests.

You can download the high resolution photos of the two new slides at Aquafantasy through the link.

You can visit the official web site of the Aquafantasy at http://www.aquafantasy.com/

and/or contact us for detailed information at info@polin.com.tr.

Please visit us at www.polin.com.tr for product information, news, events, and other updates.

Polin team look forward to seeing you at the following trade shows in 2010:

  • EAS (Rome) - October 06-08, 2010
  • WWA Symposium & Trade Show (Texas) - October 08-09, 2010
  • Interbad (Stuttgart) - October 13-16, 2010
  • IAAPA Attractions Expo (Orlando) - November 15-19, 2010
  • Aqualie (Lyon) - November 16-19, 2010

p.s. Please see below for more information on "Polin's RTM Waterslide Production."

More on Polin's RTM Waterslide Manufacturing

Polin is a technology leader in waterslide manufacturing. "Magic Shine Slide Technology" is Polin's one of the latest improvements that reflected in maximum customer satisfaction. Polin names its slides produced by L-RTM (Light- Resin Transfer Molding) technology as "Magic Shine". Polin is the first European waterslide manufacturer that uses RTM – Resin Transfer Molding- technology in waterslide production and Polin is the single waterslide manufacturer in the World that produces World's largest waterslide components using RTM technology. Since Polin started to produce waterslides with RTM technology, this became a primary choice for the park owners, operators since waterslides produced by this technology have a lot of advantages. Very briefly, advantages over contact molding methods are a uniform thickness, two finished and perfectly shiny sides and low emissions. High quality parts are being produced by this method.

Polin has been a pioneer in the advancement and application of the Light RTM process in waterslide manufacturing. Since 2006, Polin has converted to Light RTM on over 90% of its annual fiberglass production. Polin offers its unique Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology and Special Pattern Effects ( SPE) in RTM and Polin offers translucent waterslides again in RTM. Polin is the only waterslide manufacturer in the World that can offer bowl rides and family rides as RTM manufactured. Bowl rides and family rafting slides are comparibly large waterslide components and applying RTM in the production of such big scale products require higher expertise and knowledge and know-how in RTM composites manufacturing.

Being able to offer "Translucent L-RTM Waterslides" is worth mentioning too since this represents the peak point of the current fiberglas composites manufacturing. Polin is offering translucent RTM waterslides since 2007. Translucent RTM waterslides have an enriched visual impact through glassy, shiny finish on both sides, spectacular appeal and an elegant transparency.

LRTM waterslide production requires huge investment and technical expertise and know-how in composite manufacturing. With over 34 years of experience across the globe in the composites sector, we gained unmatched business and technological expertise.

Closed molded fabrication through RTM offers a number of advantages:

  • We and eventually our clients obtain products with shining/smooth internal and external surfaces. Therefore the slides are aesthetically far superior than the ones obtained from open moulded processes.
  • The raw material used in RTM products, that are multiaxial fibres (multiaxial mat), are far more strong than those (chopped strand mat and roving)used in Hand Lay Up and Spray Up methods.
  • The waterslides by RTM manufacturing is stronger and lighter.
  • Compared to the open moulded processes, we are able to obtain far more homogeneous thickness distribution.
  • RTM production offers important environmental advantages. It offers a cleaner environment since the styrene emission is much lower than the other 2 methods. Plus, physical waste is much less than the conventional methods. These facts are very important for a company like Polin feeling environmental responsibility.
  • We obtain a visually superior product.
  • The brightness and smoothness of the external surface facilitate its usage. Since the surface is smooth, it doesn't get dirty quickly and is easier to wipe. Now it is much easier to keep the slides clean.
  • To sum up, we obtain superior waterslides both aesthetically and physically in less time and with less waste.

POLIN is the first European waterslide manufacturer that uses RTM technology in waterslide production and Polin is the single waterslide manufacturer in the World that produces World's largest waterslide components using RTM technology.

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