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Aqualands Prove Excellence through New Additions!


Two of the Aqualand Waterparks in France Renewed!

Two of the Aqualands in France have decided to expand and install new rides. They include, Aqualand St. Syr. Sur Mer, located in the south of France, and Aqualand Bassin d'Arcachon which is located on the west coast. Being the leading waterparks in their region, the park operators have gone through a large amount of research to find out which waterslides offer the most entertaining, exciting, and unique ride designs. Both parks have decided to work with Polin for the expansion project.

 Aqualand is the biggest waterpark chain in Europe with 13 waterparks in France, Portugal and Spain. Aqualand belongs to Aspro Group, the largest operator of leisure parks and centers in Europe. Aspro Group, founded in October 1991, currently operates a total of 40 parks and centers throughout Europe. Aqualand runs 9 parks in France.

 Over the years, Aqualand Waterparks have proved to be the leading waterpark chain in Europe by offering some of the newest and most exciting attractions available.

First Racer Hybrid waterslide debuts in Aqualand Bassin d'Arcachon (France)

Aqualand Bassin d'Arcachon, the 6 acre park is the largest on the Atlantic coast. The park, which can be viewed from Bordeaux- Arcachon highway, opened in 1985. The two newly designed and installed slides are Polin's Racer Hybrid Waterslides. The core feature is its innovative design consisting of two double-tubes configured side by side along a circular path. The double tubes accommodate two riders in each for a total of four, making it a high capacity ride. The path takes exciting twists and turns. The double-tubes diverge at this point into 2 different slides, one is Turbolance and the other one is a bowl ride: Space Boat. The riders who diverge into Turbolance are then propelled uphill vertically. Then they experience an unforgettable reverse path that takes them over a bump ending up in splash pool or a dry-out. The other riders will diverge into Space Boat and exit into a huge open bowl and the ride continues with several whirls around the sides of the bowl with centrifugal force; finally ending in a slide through the hole. It is a high speed, high- capacity, tube racing, and multi lane ride. This is a truly racing waterslide with Natural Light Effects. The unique double slide feature effectively doubles capacity over 'regular' water park slides. The color combination that the park chose is just perfect and it gives the waterslides even more spectator appeal.

Mr. Wilfrid Lenandais, Waterpark Manager, Aqualand Bassin d'Arcachon, said "We invested 1.5 million Euros for 2011 additions. The new slides enhanced the adrenaline throughout the park.We are very satisfied with the new rides. Our guests are as happy as we are as they experience these new, revolutionary waterslides."

The new waterslide at Aqualand St. Syr Sur Mer: Black Hole Turbolance

Aqualand St Cyr Sur Mer is ideally located between Marseilles and Toulon, at the edge of the Mediterranean and is visited by 200,000 visitors annually. The last expansion was at 2004. And after 7 years, Aqualand St. Syr. Sur Mer has decided to expand in order to retain its leading position and has chosen to work with Polin, Turkey to bring it a uniquely designed waterslide: Black Hole Turbolance. This expertly engineered waterslide is a combination of the Turbo Lance and Black Hole slides. This waterslide is specially designed allow riders to live the joy of different sliding paths. The flawless design of Black Hole Turbo Lance is a result of Polin's customer oriented, flexible and efficient design understanding. This high capacity slide promises to deliver an unforgettable ride experience.Unique color combinations are preferred by park owners as they allow for great visual harmony in the park. "The installation had been completed in late May and the park opened in mid June. Our guests are so happy with the new slide." says Mr. Michel Moenne, Manager, Aqualand St. Sy. Sur Mer.

It is important to notice that besides the unique design and ride path, the new slides at both Aqualands are the first RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) manufactured waterslides in Aqualand waterparks. These slides add value to the overall appearance of the park.

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Photo 1: (Racer Hybrid Waterslide, Aqualand Bassin D'Arcachon) Photo 2: (Racer Hybrid Waterslide, Aqualand Bassin D'Arcachon) Photo 3: (Racer Hybrid Waterslide, Aqualand Bassin D'Arcachon)
Photo 1: (Racer Hybrid Waterslide, Aqualand Bassin D'Arcachon) Photo 2: (Racer Hybrid Waterslide, Aqualand Bassin D'Arcachon)  

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