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Polin Introduces "King Cobra"


POLIN Waterparks and Pool Systems is proud to announce the launch of its patent pending waterslide, KING COBRA. KING COBRA is a gorgeous waterslide that offers one of the most “intense” riding experiences of the industry while proving itself as the number one attraction in terms of visual impact and spectator appeal. It creates a truly different experience both for the riders and for the spectators. With its unique design configuration, fiberglass theming, coloring and its unique riding path, it will surely be the most attractive attraction in your park.

The core feature of the patent pending KING COBRA is its unique configuration that enables 2 double tubes racing through a circular path with twists, turns, surprises and experiencing the drop of their lives still racing and entering into the valley part together at the same time with a heart pounding influence.


Riding experience of KING COBRA starts with two specially designed double tubes on two slides side by side and KING COBRA enables circular racing throughout the journey with turns, twists and surprises while passing through enclosed and open parts of the ride. Before reaching to the very heart pounding part, riders are in the enclosed part of the ride, fully dark and suddenly and very unexpectedly, they come to the end. They see a whole “blank”. While thinking that this is the end, they drop down with an angle of 50 degrees. They plunge 8 meters (25 feet) down, accelerating to speed of 51 km/h. This will surely be the thrill of the riders’ lives. Two double tubes with two riders on each are now in the same slide, dropping down at the same time. The excitement of an unexpected drop and the fear of crashing is a breathtaking experience for the riders. Expertly designed configuration and colored part of the slide creates an illusion that makes the riders feel that they will be crashing each other in a second since the two double tubes with 4 riders are now in the same sliding area. This is unique in the industry. 2 double tubes leaving two slides side by side end into the same sliding surface. It does not end. The two double tubes are now heading into the mouth of Cobra. Unique fog, high-pitched hiss, water spraying, visual effects make it more exciting than ever while the spectators below think you are just “swallowed” in the mouth of the Cobra. Then powerful G-forces take over your tube and riders come back down and then oscillate up and down again as the tubes stop on down the waterslide. You come to the end of this unique riding experience and we are sure the first thing you will do as you exit KING COBRA is to get in line for another turn.

Product Features

  • Fully Enclosed Version Available for a Completely Dark Attraction
  • "Natural Light Effects" System Applicable
  • Conveyor or Tower Available as an Entry Option
  • Unique Fiberglass Theming and Coloring
  • Strong Visual Impact
  • Strong Spectator Appeal
  • Visual, Auditory, Foggy Effects Available as Optional
  • Different Theming Options other than Cobra Available
  • The Exit Part can be Combined with other Polin Slides
  • High Capacity Ride
  • A Truly Racing Slide (Circular Racing with Turns, Twists)
  • Each Slide can be used with both Single and Double Tubes: Share the Experience or Try it Alone!

Technical Specifications

Typical Height 17 m / 56' (feet)
Depth 500 / 750 / 1500mm (20 / 30 / 60 in)
Width 2x1400 mm (2X30 in) / 4200-15700 mm (168-628 in)
Slope 10/40 %
Capacity 480 Pers./h
Tubes Single/Double
Length of the Slide (each) 76,74 m / 256' (feet)
Drop Angle 50 Degrees
Speed 51 km/h / 32 mph (miles per hour)
Exit Dry-Out
Exit Combination Available With 1 Black Hole
Exit Combination Available With 2 Rafting Slide
NLE Applicability Yes
Flow Rate 1340 m3/h
Space Required 50x20 m / 166' x 66' (feet)
Adrenaline Index 5/5

Please visit the "downloads" menu of our web page for the pdf brochure and the simulation video of King Cobra.

Please visit us at www.polin.com.tr for product information, news, events, and other updates.

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