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Djubga Waterpark Opened its Doors


Polin added another important project to its worldwide references, this time in Russia. The Djubga Aquapark, Russia, located on 25,000 sqm, had a great opening ceremony on 29.08.2008. Although it has been just a few weeks from the great opening, there had been an enourmous interest. Polin's commitment to quality, safety, fun, function make this waterpark one of the unique parks of Russia. Polin’s design team with the high-end design and engineering methods ensured the success of Djubga by applying the most creative and innovative solutions. There is such a diverse variety of slides in the park that everyone will surely find the one that is most appropiate for himself/herself. Though the opening happened lately at the end of the season, the crowds are getting more each day at the park. To name some of the Polin slides at Djubga: Kamikaze, Tunnel Freefall, Twister, Multislide, Rafting Slide, Big Hole, Wave Slide, Body Slide, Uphill Flying Boats, Space Boat, Tsunami. Adrenaline/extreme slides are surely the most traffic building ones. The waterslides by Polin are all L-RTM (Light-Resin Transfer Moulding) manufactured, which is the highest technology in fiberglass slide manufacturing. Along with the other advantages of this technology, the slides do have a perfect shiny finish both inside and outside.

'Kamikaze's configuration at Djubga features a slide path consisting of more than just one fall. Riders love the experience of riding it. One of the most popular rides at the park is surely the "Uphill Flying Boats". It is a roller-coaster-style ride, with which the riders are shot uphill on jetted water. It really maxes out the thrill factor. "Wave Slide" has been a great addition to the park, as well. Engineered for maximum safety "Wave Slide" delivers the highest level of ride performance. "Space Boat" is a truly magical experience. It is for speed riding and is created for ultimate excitement. You experience the excitement of an enclosed flume exiting into a huge open bowl and continuing with several whirls around the sides of the bowl and lastly ending with a big splash in to the hole.

The famous Polin 'Big Hole' which is an enclosed tube slide has the unique changing color effects directly in the fiberglass tube. So with natural light, the riders obtain the dramatic visual effect that they will never forget. It is a great ride for group entertainment. It is one of the most traffic-building rides at Djubga.

A very special kids waterpark is designed by the professional Polin project team. The kids' slides at Djubga are worth mentioning with their unique design: Kids' Body Slide, Kids' Wide Slide, Kid's Freefall, An Octopus Slide with six lanes, the Cobra Slide, The Elephant Slide, the Turtle Slide, Clown and Penguin Showers, Mushroom, Elephant, Dolphin Fountains are located in kids'pool area. The children have already been fond of this park where they have unlimitless fun. Polin's Obstacle Track is to increase activity around the pool area. Consisting of two trees located on both sides of the pool, a net which is between two trees and will be grabbed by challengers to cross the pool from one side to the other, and of obstacles on which people will step on to reach from one side to the other side of your pool.

What is totally new at the park: Polin's interactive play center, "Aquatower" with a special theming: "Aztec Jungle Aquatower". With Aztec Jungle Aquatower, the patrons of Djubga will not take what is served but they will be included to make their own fun. Waterslides, valves, water cannons and many other attractions are all together to help the quests to share an unforgettable experience.

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